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REMIX Past - Present - Future will be the 21st biennial ANCOS National Conference to be held in Adelaide, 

9 - 12 January 2023. REMIX was originally scheduled for January 2022, but due to COVID and circumstances beyond our control, has been postponed and rescheduled for January 2023.

REMIX comes from the idea that your 21st is a coming of age where one reflects on the past, celebrates the present and looks forward to the future of new potential. Photo boards, memory books and creating a mixtape/playlist of music both old and new helps to commemorate all that has been achieved so far and prepares us for the next stage in our journey.


The 4 day Music Education conference will showcase Orff Schulwerk pedagogy with a wide variety of presenters from Australia and abroad. The program is designed to be inclusive, accommodating all teachers whether they are music specialists, studio / instrumental teachers or generalist classroom teachers.


Delegates will be engaged in music making through singing, playing instruments and movement. A focus on student learning, engagement and integration of technology will ensure teachers develop skills and practices to help deliver The Arts as prescribed in the Australian Curriculum.

Practical workshop sessions will be an eclectic mix of both traditional and modern approaches to Orff Schulwerk pedagogy, allowing all delegates to experience the richness that the Orff Schulwerk approach offers.

Social events will be organised throughout the conference to allow delegates to network further and help us celebrate our 21st birthday.

We look forward to welcoming you to Adelaide in January 2023 to join us at REMIX.

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