Are you a Music or Performing Arts educator? Would you be interested in presenting at an Australian National Orff Schulwerk Music conference in Adelaide?  Then WE WANT YOU!


REMIX Past. Present. Future is searching for innovative and creative presenters to share their skills and knowledge with other educators. 


If your passion is music, dance, drama, technology or a mix of them all, then this is definitely for you.


Applications are now closed



Session Types:

  • Elective Sessions are face to face workshops taking place in Adelaide

  • ConFab sessions are discussion groups taking place face to face or online

  • Online sessions are for presenters who are unable to attend the conference in person. Sessions will be streamed into the face to face participants and available for anyone attending virtually


Sponsored Sessions:

  • If you are presenting on behalf of a business, or wanting to promote or sell a product or service, this will be classed as a sponsored session

  • If you’d like a trader’s space head to our Sponsorship Page for more information or get in touch with us


Focus areas:

  • Sessions will need to have a primary focus. This could include vocal, movement, instrumental, junk percussion, dance, drama etc. 


Session Outlines:

  • We need a brief outline of what you are planning to do. Give us the general idea of what your session or ConFab will entail. It should include your outcomes for the session and intended learning for participants


Intended Age Group:

  • Let us know what age group(s) you session best suits. We would love to have everyone from early childhood all the way to high school



  • Some sessions require lots of equipment. Other sessions require nothing at all. Let us know what you would want us to provide (i.e. screen, audio, instruments - be specific).

  • We also need to know if your session is totally dependent on digital visual displays, or if it is possible to run the session without this


Online Availability:

  • Although our aim is to run a face to face conference for as many people as possible, there may be unexpected circumstances that may prevent us from doing so. 

  • In the event that a face to face conference is not viable, or you are unable to attend due to circumstances beyond your control (i.e. pandemic, travel restrictions etc) we need to know if you would be able to present your session via an online platform


About You:

  • We’d love to know a bit more about you as a presenter and teacher. Talk yourself up and share with us any Orff experience, presenting experience and Arts teaching experience



  • We don’t doubt that you are a great presenter, but we still want to make sure that you are the best fit for our conference. Please provide us with two referees who can support your application




Time limits:

  • Elective sessions are 60 minutes in length

  • ConFab sessions are 30 minutes in length

  • Online sessions are 60 minutes in length


Session Payments:

  • Elective presenters will be paid $120 per session

  • ConFab presenters will be paid $50 per session

  • Online presenters will be paid $120 per session

  • Sponsored Sessions are provided with a captive audience, and the ability to sell/advertise during the session, so will not be paid


Video, Photography and Recording:

  • REMIX, as part of ANCOS and OSASA, reserves the right to take video recordings, audio and photographs of your sessions. These recordings will become the property of ANCOS and OSASA and may be used by either party on their websites, social media or other platforms as they see fit 

  • REMIX has the right to live stream or share your session online during or after your presentation. You will be informed prior to the commencement of your session if streaming or sharing was to occur

  • All online sessions will be recorded



  • All presenters are responsible for adhering to Copyright laws as stated by the Copyright Act 1968 

  • Presenters are responsible for gaining any appropriate permissions or copyright for any material that they use

  • REMIX will not be held liable for any breach of copyright that a presenter may incur

  • Presenters will be legally responsible for any breach of copyright that they may break

Applications Close Sunday 16 May 2021