Tuesday January 11 from 2:45pm

Face to Face delegates will get the opportunity to choose which one of the following Elective sessions they would like to attend.

Virtual delegates will be able to stream into some of the Elective sessions.

Each Elective session is 60 minutes in length.

The icons below indicated how each session will be presented and if it will be available to Virtual delegates.

Face to Face

Presenter will be in the room 


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Session will be available for Virtual delegates


Session promotes a business or organisation 

Types of sessions are subject to change

                     Tinikling for the Z Generation

                                      Presented by Michael McConnochie

                                      Year Level: Middle School, High School 

Participants will explore the metre of 3/4 with a variety of activities before learning the intricate steps for the Polynesian Style dancing of Tinikling. The dance style involves dancers moving between two bamboo poles which are also moving at the same time. Coordination is key and being able to sync with the music is crucial. Once confident with 3/4 time we move into 4/4 hence bringing it to the Z Generation.

Michael McConnochie.png

                     Chitlins, Carne and Clave

                                       Presented by Amber Thomas

                                       Year Level: Primary, Middle School, High School

In this session, participants will learn through playing, improvising and analysing a minor blues piece: Chitlins Con Carne by Kenny Burrell. You are welcome to bring your own instruments! This session reflects one of my favourite lessons to teach, as part of a current Jazz unit. It would be useful for those teaching students from Year 7-10. This is a great piece that reinforces a minor blues, 12-bar structure and has useful links to many other Jazz works. There will be time for some group 'remixes' too!


Amber Thomas.png

                     Jazz For All Ages

                                     Presented by Doug Goodkin

                                     Year Level: Early Childhood, Junior Primary, Primary, Middle School, High School

This session looks at how to combine the pedagogical ideas and practice of Orff Schulwerk with the theory, styles and techniques of American jazz.
Special features include:

• African-American children’s games played as kids play them.

• The above games as ways to illuminate key jazz concepts

• The above games brought from the body and voice to the instruments for beginning jazz ensemble pieces.

• Tools and ideas for improvisation.

• Beginning understanding of the 12-bar blues

• Videos of kids demonstrating some of the above.

• Reflection on the marriage of jazz and Orff Schulwerk

All instruments are welcome at this session (sax/ guitar/ flute/ etc.). Bring recorders.

Doug Goodkin.png

                     Rhythm and Rhymes Live in Virtual Times

                                      Presented by Thom Borden

                                      Year Level: Junior Primary, Primary

Whether you teach live, blended or completely virtual, this is the session for you. Teachers will be invited into the familiar language of rhythm and rhyme through singing games that engage students both in live classrooms as well as virtual experiences.  Using both the Orff approach and Kodaly method sequence, Thom shares activities that meet the conceptual needs of your Fall lessons while addressing the "lost" skills from possible school closures last Spring.  Additionally, suggestions and strategies for play-alongs and skill building are shared.  The handout will include a complete process and bibliography of children's literature titles used or referenced.

Thomas Borden.png

                      Boost Creative Thinking for Young Minds:
                      Jam On Toast Recipes!

                          Jam On Toast!

                                        Presented by James Madsen

                                        Year Level: Early Childhood, Junior Primary, Primary

Jam On Toast is a unique and exciting music project created by music educator, composer and performer James Madsen. This interactive session will showcase a selection of his original songs for children from the series of much-loved Jam On Toast albums.

If you have enjoyed the songs from the original Jam On Toast album come learn some new music from Jam On Toast: Slice #3, the latest album in the collection. The songs, dances and recipe activities have become valued additions to the primary music classroom, early childhood lessons, as well as repertoire for young choirs.

This session will focus on creating a complete series of lessons for each song, with a flowing, seamless sequence inspired by Carl Orff and Gunild Keetman approaches to music and dance education. See how to teach a range of sequential activities, delving deeper into the concepts of music through a range of skills. Add activities of singing, moving, dancing, body percussion, and playing instruments.

Plus there will be a focus on simple improvising and composing ideas, so you can be inspired to engage your children's brains in more creative thinking. Plus find out about the new interactive RECIPE videos you can access anytime online.

This session will give you refreshing lesson inspiration for you to take away and improve your own programming. Inspiring, entertaining and totally interactive giving you loads of creative new ideas for the music classroom! 

James madsen.png