Wednesday January 12 from 2:45pm

Face to Face delegates will get the opportunity to choose which one of the following Elective sessions they would like to attend.

Virtual delegates will be able to stream into some of the Elective sessions.

Each Elective session is 60 minutes in length.

The icons below indicated how each session will be presented and if it will be available to Virtual delegates.

Face to Face

Presenter will be in the room 


Presenter will be streamed into the room 


Session will be available for Virtual delegates


Session promotes a business or organisation 

Types of sessions are subject to change

                       Simple Chrome Music Lab Composition

                                          Presented by Cheryl Bergermeister

                                          Year Level: Middle School, High School

Cheryl will demonstrate the process she has found successful for all students of varying theory levels in her middle secondary classes for writing compositions based on AMEB theory. Students write their own melodic compositions based on the chord progression featured in YouTube video ‘4 chords’ by The Axis of Awesome. Cheryl will show you how to create different entry levels for students. She will be using Chrome Music Lab’s Song Maker as the starting point and will demonstrate how this can be extended to software such as Mixcraft and Studio One.


Cheryl Bergermister.png

                        A Taste of Kecak: Balinese Vocal Gamelan

                                           Presented by Belinda Smith

                                           Year Level: Middle School, High School

Visit Bali using just your voice, where rhythms are part of nature and music is in the everyday. In this session participants will learn the basics of Kecak, a form of percussive vocal gamelan. Then we will use these ideas to create and compose. This session is secondary focused - for the topic Music of a Culture - but can be used for upper primary.

Belinda Smith.png

                       Play With Music

                                         Presented by Estêvão Marques

                                         Year Level: Early Childhood, Junior Primary

It is a meeting with the children's world of Brazilian popular culture.

Songs, dances and rhythms that are played in folk festivals are reinvented in the classroom.

Let's explore music games and melodies that tell stories. This is the great richness of folklore: he is always alive, being recreated in a creative way.

Thanks for listening.

Estevao Marques elective.png

                       Virtual Dancing

                                          Presented by Rob Amchin

                                          Year Level: Early Childhood, Junior Primary, Primary, Middle School

Let's dance! Explore ways to adapt traditional folk dances and movement activities within a virtual setting.

Rob Amchin.png

                       Percussion Pieces and Games to Engage Your Whole                              Class

                           Kaboom Percussion

                                        Presented by Kaboom Percussion

                                        Year Level: Primary, Middle School


Kaboom Percussion.png