Date and Time TBC - Timetable subject to change

Face to Face delegates will get the opportunity to attend one of the following ConFab sessions.

Virtual delegates may be able to stream into some of the ConFab sessions.

Each ConFab session is 30 minutes in length.

The icons below indicated how each session will be presented and if it will be available to Virtual delegates.

Face to Face

Presenter will be in the room 


Presenter will be streamed into the room 


Session will be available for Virtual delegates

Types of sessions are subject to change

                       Exploring Indigenous Perspectives in the Performing 

                       Arts Classroom

                                         Presented by Alice Csabi

                                         Day: Thursday


Alice Csabi.png

                       Willandra PS Indigenous Choir

                                         Presented by Jane Nicholas

                                         Day: Thursday

As music teachers and choral directors we hold a great power.  We hold the power for students to raise their voices.  We choose the songs they sing, the musical ideas and stories they share.  We choose their performances and audience.  Who is represented as singers in your choir?  Whose stories and musical ideas are shard by your choir?  Who do they sing for? This is the story of the Willandra PS Indigenous choir which preferences students of First Nations ancestry. It is a choir that has developed over several years to become a source of developing the identities and knowledges of children as well a source for reconciliation within the community. This workshop will present and engage participants with background to the choir, songs they sing, where and why they sing, the importance of their visibility and voice.  It will also share the tricky parts of coordinating and directing this choir and the possibilities in the future. 

Jane Nicholas.png

                       STEAM Tanabata Music (Star Festival) and Japanese

                       Children's Day Celebration

                                         Presented by Noriko Yamanaka

                                        Day: Thursday


Noriko Yamanaka.png