Face to Face delegates will get the opportunity to attend each of the Highlight Presenter sessions.

Virtual delegates will be able to stream into some of the Highlight Presenter sessions.

Each Highlight Presenter session is 75 minutes in length.

The icons below indicated how each session will be presented and if it will be available to Virtual delegates.

Face to Face

Presenter will be in the room 


Presenter will be streamed into the room 


Session will be available for Virtual delegates

Types of sessions are subject to change

                      Exploring and Creating Australian Sounds
                                        Presented by Kirrabelle Lovell

                                        Year Level: Early Childhood, Junior Primary, Primary, Middle School, High School

Explore and create Australian sounds with ideas from nature and music, through movement, dance, singing and playing to make new experiences in Australian music. 

Kirrabelle Lovell.png

                      Playing With Colour
                                        Presented by Kristie Fudge

                                        Year Level: Early Childhood, Junior Primary, Primary, Middle School

"Once upon a time the colours of the world started to quarrel..." 

Which colour is the most important? 

Can the colours learn how to work together?

This session will use music and movement to explore a story of colours, their characteristics and personalities. Investigate what happens when we remix the colours to create our own arrangements...and discover the magic that happens when we, like the colours, each bring our unique skills and talents, and work together to create a colourful, musical masterpiece!

Kristie Fudge.png

                      Can't Stop, Won't Stop Moving
                                        Presented by Virginia Esparraga

                                        Year Level: Junior Primary, Primary, Middle School

In this session, we will dance, move and groove as we experience a range of activities to introduce movement in the classroom. We will explore locomotor movement and use Peter Jansen's Human Motions sculptures as a basis for movement composition.

Virginia Esparraga.png