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REMIX is proud to bring to Adelaide the following Key Presenters

Doug Goodkin

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Doug Goodkin is an internationally recognised teacher of Orff Schulwerk, training teachers in over 50 countries worldwide. Alongside his teacher-training work, he worked with children from three years old to eighth grade in The San Francisco School for 45 years before his recent retirement.

Doug is an author of ten books, speaker at various Conferences and in a TEDx talk, director of and teacher in the prestigious San Francisco International Orff Course, the Jazz/Orff Course and frequent teacher at the Orff Institut in Salzburg, Austria. He is also the pianist in and leader of the jazz quintet, The Pentatonics, bringing jazz to people of all ages. Since his retirement from the SF School, Doug has continued teaching numerous online classes on Jazz History, resumed his teaching in courses and conferences worldwide, mentored three teachers at three different schools, published three books from other authors through his Pentatonic Press Company, continued to play music regularly for elders and kept up his Blog “Confessions of a Traveling Music Teacher,” now in its 12th year.

Doug is featured in a documentary film titled ‘The Secret Song’ that recently premiered in film festivals in Orlando, Florida and Barcelona.

Doug Goodkin


United States

Michelle Rollins 1.JPG

Michelle Rollins has loved being a specialist music and drama teacher for 37 years, including the last 24 years at Waverley College Junior School in Sydney. As well as classes, she directs a stomp group and conducts a 50-voice boys choir. She holds a B.Ed. (CSU) and a B.A. Hons. in Ethnomusicology (UNE). She also holds a L.Mus.A (AMEB) in singing. Michelle is the current National (ANCOS) Vice President and State (OSANSW) President of Orff-Schulwerk in Australia. She is often found working behind the scenes as conference convenor or workshop organiser and has also been a recipient of the Outstanding Professional Service Award (Professional Teachers Council of NSW) for her work with OSANSW. Michelle has presented sessions at the NSW state conference, for SingOrff (Singapore) and online for the 2020 IOSFS. She is also a regular presenter for Musica Viva. Michelle has a particular interest in using technology as an integrated, creative element of her Orff-Schulwerk practice. Michelle sings with the Leichhardt Espresso Chorus and works regularly as a piano accompanist with a special interest in the Lieder and Operatic repertoire.

Michelle Rollins



Estêvão Marques


Est 2.jpg

Estêvão Marques is a researcher of Brazilian folklore, percussionist and teacher. He graduated in music in São Paulo, Brazil - his home country. He is a professor at The San Francisco Orff Course in the USA and has given workshops in Turkey, Colombia, Uruguay, Netherlands, Norway, Finland, Portugal, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Italy, Thailand, Spain, Argentina and throughout Brazil.

Estêvão is an author of more than 20 books about musical games, Brazilian rhythms and traditional songs, as well as textbooks for public schools in Brazil, addressing themes of integrated arts: music, dance, visual arts and theatre. He is director of the online course “Educando pela Brincadeira”, which is especially designed for teachers, who believe in the educational value of the music games.

With great knowledge of dances, he integrates different instruments into his creative choreographies: spoons, buckets, body percussion and much more. Creator of the children's group "Grupo Triii", he played with great names in Brazilian music: Chico César, Antonio Nóbrega, Palavra Cantada and Barbatuques group.


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